Below is a letter Robertson & Associates sent to all members of the North Carolina General Assembly regarding the Proposed Bill for the Study of the Vulnerabilities of North Carolina’s Electric Power Grid to an EMP or Cyber Attack.

Letter to General Assembly 050818 - 1

Letter to General Assembly 050818 - 2

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Below is a full article from the The Washington Times written by Dr. Pry and former CIA Director, James Woosley, and Henry Cooper, pertaining to the threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack from North Korea or another U.S. enemy which could cause staggering devastation to our Country.
What An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Could Mean For Our Country
The Washington Times Article Link:

Below is a news article published in The Washington Times authored by Dr. Pry pointing out the industry’s attempt to create a false narrative.  Our General Assembly must be wary of attempts by the power industry lobbyists to assert the risk to the grid as overblown and too small to address.
Article on the Industry’s Attempt To Create A False Narrative
The Washington Times Article Link:

After Dr. Pry’s presentation to the Joint Committee in February 2018, North Carolina’s own regional banking institution, BB&T Bank, has taken a strong position endorsing the proposed legislation to study the grid’s vulnerabilities and urging the Legislature to act.
Below is the correspondence dated April 17, 2018 from Jim Godwin, Chief Credit Officer of BB&T Bank, endorsing action by the Legislature. This issue has been identified by BB&T Bank as a significant risk to its customers and its day-to-day operations.
Correspondence from Jim Godwin of BB&T Bank endorsing action by the Legislature