A Word About Our Pricing

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2015 | Firm News

Our firm was founded in 1996 with a mission in mind to render valuable services to our clients. An important step to achieve this mission was to establish a low cost operating model. Over the years we have consistently taken steps to maintain a low cost culture in our firm. Among other things, this has included locating to a suburban location with building ownership to control facilities cost. Our model employs the appropriate use of associate attorneys and paralegals based upon conservative pay scales which, at the same time, allow for the award of performance over time; the establishment of vendor relationships based upon the quality of service and reasonable costs.

This low cost model has assisted in allowing for long-term client relationships based, in part, on the reasonableness of our charges.

In today’s environment, it is well known that the legal practice has become more price competitive. Our long ago and present day decisions to control costs for the ultimate benefit of clients now gives our firm pricing advantages over our competitors. Simply put, our prices and charges for services are less than comparative services offered by other firms that have higher cost structures.

Examples of our more competitive pricing structures include the following: We charge discounted hourly rates for our insurance defense work; we offer commercial collection services on the basis of a reduced hourly plus a contingency fee which emphasize results, and with lesser up front costs for our clients with commercial claims; we often provide budgets for our litigation services, which involves fair pricing for individual stages of the litigation; we emphasize the use of effective negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, to more effectively control the overall cost of litigation; we routinely adjust our charges for our regular corporate clients based upon factors, such as the value at stake and the results obtained. This is our commitment to tailor the cost of our fees to be certain overall value is rendered in the course of our services to our clients.

These various strategies and practices have been implemented and followed by our firm for more than a decade. Our low cost operating model supports this price structure, which is designed to be competitive in the marketplace. As a result of our consistency in these efforts now for many years, we have established a capability to outperform other firms offering the same or similar services not only in terms of quality and results, but on pricing as well.

While our overall client service model places a primary emphasis on the quality and level of our legal knowledge, our pricing model permits us to be most competitive. We do not seek to be the “least expensive in town”; however, we seek to appropriately price our services based on the efficiencies we have established.

Because of our pricing model, we welcome your inquiries regarding our fees and charges for our services.