Commercial Litigation

Robertson & Associates offers vast experience in litigating complex business cases. Commercial or business litigation covers a wide variety of disputes and legal issues regarding business and commercial activities. These include business torts, breach of contract, employment disputes, regulatory disputes, construction law, unfair competition and trade practices, partnership disputes and shareholder disputes.

Our commercial litigation attorneys in Charlotte, NC work with the business to resolve these disputes if they arise through both alternative dispute resolution methods and traditional litigation in state and federal court.

If your business is faced with one of these disputes, it is advantageous to work with one of our commercial litigation attorneys. Regardless of size, in today’s environment, every company is likely to need skilled assistance with negotiation, mediation or litigation with a business matter. You need an experienced commercial litigator who will work to protect your interests through drafting solid contracts and agreements and by pursuing swift resolution of disputes and lawsuits. A good commercial litigation attorney brings knowledge and familiarity with the issues involved, and can ultimately help your business navigate complex legal issues and work to save the company time and money. This often results in getting the disputes resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Our firm provides knowledgeable, personalized service to clients in all types of business-related conflicts, such as:

  • Breach of Contract Disputes: involving delivery of goods or product defects or disputes involving partnership agreements, operating agreements and other business contracts
  • Employment Disputes: involving interpretation of non-compete covenants, discrimination claims and other employment related issues
  • Disputes with Customers or Vendors: contract litigation, scheduling delays, interference with business relations and other business to business conflicts
  • Other Business Disputes: partnership dissolutions, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, and conflicts with executives or managers

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