Get To Know Blaydes Moore

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | News & Events

Take a moment to get to know Blaydes Moore. Blaydes is a 2013 graduate of Clemson University and graduated from Wake Forest School of Law in 2016.

Why did you become a lawyer?
BM: I became a lawyer because I believed that I could make the best use of my skills and talents by learning how to help business people navigate the legal field. I knew that the skills and knowledge I would develop through practicing law would be the best way for me to be an asset in the marketplace.

What is your favorite type of case?
BM: I love helping clients realize a goal they have, whether it is to set a worry at ease or to bring into existence something that has only existed in the client’s mind, like a new business or property.

Favorite band?
BM: Merle Haggard

Proudest accomplishment?
BM: I ‘m proudest of returning to my hometown to begin my practice.

Why are attorneys important today?
BM: Attorneys are important because they translate a client’s needs and wants into reality. Without friendly, honest attorneys, many people would not be able to move forward in their lives. The counseling role an attorney fills assists clients directly in a broad variety of ways.

What is your favorite sport and leisure activity?
BM: Football and lifting weights

Do you have any pets?
BM: Two poodles, Bunny and Birdie