Creditors’ Rights Attorneys For Charlotte Area Businesses

Robertson & Associates has extensive experience in the representation of corporate clients as creditors and in the recovery of claims, including the collection of open account indebtedness. Our corporate clients value our results in commercial claims collection, and this has been one of the foundational services to our business clients.

Commercial Debt Collection

Our commercial debt collection in Charlotte, North Carolina, includes the collection of both secured and unsecured indebtedness, as well as claims enforceable through lien rights. Where applicable, we have enforced rights of clients who have provided improvements to property or suppliers in connection with real property improvements to establish lien rights within deadlines and to enforce lien rights. We provide advice and counseling as to comply with notice requirements of the law with respect to notices of furnishing, lien filings and actions to enforce lien rights.

We have had extensive experience in the bringing of claims to protect the rights of creditors from debtor actions to transfer assets with intent to defraud creditors. Our experience includes the bringing to successful conclusion garnishment and attachment proceedings. Our services in this area extend to actions to attach and restrain debtor transfers.

Our firm also has established results in obtaining judgments and judgment enforcement. We routinely employ asset investigation techniques to identify assets from which a judgment may be enforced. We work closely with local sheriff departments to provide proper information for enforcement of court orders and executions, and to assist in conducting sheriff sales as needed.


Our firm has extensive experience in the representation of creditors in bankruptcy, which includes trustee preference claims and avoidance actions defense, preparation for filing proofs of claims, representation of motions for relief from stay to enforce rights against collateral, reviewing and contesting creditor treatment in Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 proceedings, and identification of debtor assets.

Collection Practices – Document Drafting Assistance

Our practice also extends to the preparation of credit terms, rights to collect interest and language for guarantee agreements. Over the years, we have successfully equipped many of our corporate clients with the necessary language for inclusion in credit applications or separate guarantees to condition the creditor for ultimate recovery. We are happy to assist creditors’ rights clients in Charlotte, North Carolina, and all surrounding areas.

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