Dedicated Legal Support For North Carolina Commercial Landlords

Commercial landlord and tenant disputes are often no different from other business conflicts. They run the risk of being costly and emotionally contentious if mishandled. However, the appropriate guidance can allow commercial landlords to navigate issues with business tenants effectively.

At Robertson & Associates, we have handled numerous commercial landlord and tenant disputes over our years of practice and have helped other commercial landlords like you navigate contested matters with care and professionalism while effectively advocating for your needs and concerns.

Typical Commercial Landlord And Tenant Disputes

These are some of the most common ones we handle:

  • Maintenance and repair: A business tenant accuses you of failing to address building or unit defects that significantly impact business operations.
  • Failure to pay rent: Much like residential tenants, you may find that your business tenants aren’t paying their monthly rent or are failing to pay it on time, making it difficult for you to conduct your operations due to an unpredictable or unstable flow of rental income.
  • Assignment issues: Sometimes, you may have a business tenant who wants to move out of your space and sublease the space to another business (the assignee) to finish the agreement. It’s easy for issues to arise during this process, especially if you have doubts or concerns about the new tenant.
  • Other lease agreement violations: If your business tenant damages property, uses the space in a way other than what you agreed upon, doesn’t obtain the proper insurance they said they would or ignores other provisions stated within the contract, that can result in contentious conflict.

We understand these matters can be complex, especially if you are a small or midsize commercial real estate entity with limited resources. Our goal is to offer professional, dynamic and cost-effective legal representation so you can resolve these issues appropriately.

Using Our Extensive Knowledge Of State Laws To Help You

Generally, North Carolina is considered landlord-friendly for those who own residential and commercial properties. However, we understand that every situation is different. We’ve seen and managed many commercial landlord and tenant disputes. We can help effectively guide you through every step of your case. We can help you understand your rights as a commercial landlord in North Carolina, including how long your lease can legally last, under what circumstances tenants have the right to exit the lease and when they don’t.

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As a commercial landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. When tenant disputes occur, it can feel difficult to balance – but that’s where we can help.

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