Resolving Internal Conflicts Between Business Owners And Partners

The sooner you face disputes between partners or those involving shareholders, the more likely it is that you can resolve them without resorting to lawsuits. However, even in the early stages of discord in the business, it can be advantageous to work with trial lawyers who can position you for success in negotiations or other methods of mending fences.

At Robertson & Associates, we bring extensive litigation experience to the table in support of our business clients with much at stake. When disputes escalate, we guide clients through alternative dispute resolution and also represent them in traditional litigation in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina.

Work With Experienced Advocates To Resolve Partnership Or Shareholder Disputes

As business law attorneys who have facilitated many business formation processes and have litigated disputes among co-owners, we understand the dynamics that lead to friction. We recognize that sometimes opposing sides back themselves into their respective corners and lose sight of the value of compromise and collaboration.

You may believe that reconciliation of opposing viewpoints is impossible in your partnership or shareholder dispute. We are confident that you will benefit from discussing the situation with our business law attorneys before taking drastic action of any kind. Our years of experience have prepared us to help you address any challenge, including:

  • Allegations of fraud, embezzlement or self-dealing by one or more stakeholders
  • Clashing management styles
  • Differing visions for operating and growing the company
  • Disagreements about money
  • Apparent squeeze-out plays seemingly designed to oust one shareholder
  • Business troubles exacerbated by personal problems, such as a divorce, anxiety or depression, addiction or legal troubles

Map The Way Forward Through Any Business Dispute

We can help you get to the heart of the dispute as we triage the conflicts that you are struggling with. Is a disagreement worth litigating or can a peaceful resolution save the day for both sides as well as the business as a whole? Is a negotiated buyout the only way forward? Can a partnership be salvaged or should you seek a “business divorce? Dissolving the company and splitting the assets and liabilities may be a last resort solution.

We understand the importance of cost-conscious, straightforward counsel for our clients in Mecklenburg County and beyond. To schedule a consultation, call 704-597-5774 or inquire online. We are ready to talk; are you?