Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Robertson & Associates, our bankruptcy practice area focuses on assisting businesses with the tough decision of filing bankruptcy. We work alongside our clients as we navigate through either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 proceedings.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina, firm provides individuals with assistance in filing for bankruptcy. Whether it is a Chapter 7 elimination of debt or a Chapter 13 debt consolidation, our firm will assist you in understanding your rights.

Unfortunately, good, hardworking people sometimes fall behind on the bills and accumulate unsustainable debt due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are in financial distress and considering whether bankruptcy is right for you, you are most likely worried about what the future holds.

Do not be misinformed about your rights in bankruptcy. Let us help you navigate through these difficult times. Give our firm a call at 704-597-5774 or use our online form.